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You probably have listened to this track on the front page, if you havent done so, do it now.

It al started with an assignment. Koninglelijk was asked to make a creepy video with accompanying music for a Halloween party. The music known as “Beat 3.2” has eventually been scrapped from the video and only a short scrap of the video footage was used in the big Halloween video. Later we re-listened the music and one of us said something along he lines of: “Ik hou erg van paarden…” (= I Love horses very much). So we finished the lines in one train of thought “Ik hou erg van paarden, ik maak ze gaarne dood. Dan hak ik ze in tweeën en smeer ze op mijn brood.” (= I love horses very much, I’d like to kill them, chop them in two pieces and smear them on my sandwich). Those lines were repeated and pasted in the song.

A few years later we revisited the song and in a weekend some new lyrics were added together with a chorus, we sang ourselves. It was horrible, but it had to do. A few days later we gave the song to others to critique. It was the owner of a local snack bar that gave us suggestions for some alterations and the advice to add the animal sounds. So we did. The animal sounds were so prominently present, we had to alter the song a bit. Beat 3.2 became Beat 6.0 and was later altered to Vee (= Cattle).

It was after the movie V for Vendetta was released we actually nicknamed the song Vee voor Vendetta (Cattle for Vendetta, doesnt sound right in English). It took a while since we actually gave the song that particular name, from nicname to official name Vee Voor Vendetta. VVV in short. VVV is also the name of the Dutch tourist information centre and a certain type of diet “Veel Vet Vlees” (A lot of fat meat).

There you have it, from a Halloween party assignment to a song about slaughtering cattle while accidentally advertising for a diet, tourist information and a movie.

Have a nice day!

Dr. D.

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