Firemen of Death
live at Terra Gotha XIX
De Piek, Vlissingen
Saturday December 3rd 2011

A 270° panorama composed out of 9 individual shots
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It’s been years. YEARS since we actually had our site updated in every sense of the word “update”. I believe it has been stuck in 2011 for a while.  But times change and so did our site. We now have a site we can update, edit and destroy ourselves as we see fit. Personally I believe its very unlike Firemen of Death to actually have something that works out. You know, like a working website. It very much contradicts everything we have shown in the past years. What’s next? Finishing the promised album, for which we, ourselves, lost all hope in making?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some vegetable soup. After this successstory I feel the need to make something I know is going to be ruined.

In the meantime: Enjoy our new website!

Dr. D.

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