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History of our Songs

I have been playing with this thought for a while. All of our songs seem to be stupid, mindless and random. But there’s actually a story behind them. A story that explains what has happened at the moment we got our inspiration for a certain song. Truth to be told, most of the time it goes somewhat like this: “Well, we were very, very drunk when someone screamed BANANA!” But after that the real brainstorming begins and the ideas come at us like the angry mob that came after us the other day.
The songs we make often have multiple incarnations, lyrics and rythms. Old songs that never made it are often re-used as framework for our new songs. Did you know the Firemen of Death folder has over 800 songs that didn’t make the cut, but might one day be used after some serious hammering?

You can expect some valuable history lessons in the near future.

Dr. D.

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