Firemen of Death is an electronic band from Oost-Souburg in the Netherlands. Their aggressive, yet absurd electronic music has ties to a variety of genres. Their songs are self-written, self-composed and mostly influenced by Gothic-wave, Humppa, EBM and Industrial music. During liveshows Firemen of Death delivers a funny, theatrical, and energetic show with disturbing lyrics and random events, resulting in a unique performance every time.


Back in 2005, two friends started fiddling with a music programme on their computer. The general idea was to start a comedy/parody project which used German lyrics while using Dutch grammar. “Charcoal German” ast the local people call it here.

The main focus was to make a Finnish type of polka, called Humppa. After a couple of months the music became heavily influenced by the Cyber-Gothic rage. Hard pounding beats, aggressive lyrics often in German and a no-nonsense attitude. A perfect genre without boundaries in which parody was frowned upon. So that’s what they decided to do.

Word got out in the local pub and the two friends were often asked to make up strange lyrics on existing EBM songs. This became a trend and after a few months the first tracks were played by the pub’s DJ. The songs were still using German lyrics with Dutch grammar, which was well received by the local village idiots. Because of popular demand, an actual band was formed. After that they only created original songs with the same focus on energetic music drenched with absurdism.


Firemen of Death today has a manager, a brand new website, and to top thing off, they have built their own studio! As always, they are working on new songs, and maybe, just maybe, they might, perhaps, finish that album we promised about 750 years ago… but no promises there. In the meantime keep an eye out for their live performances and prepare to be blown away!


Firemen of Death distinguish themselves from other bands by adding comedy and little inconsistencies to a genre that is often serious, straight-forward, dark and aggressive. Listening closely to their music one might also discover hints of generally disliked genres like schlager, polka and trash-metal, from time to time. Because of all this the band humourously calls their own style “Doomcrap” and walk the difficult, thin line between keeping a certain quality while focusing on the absurd.

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